cordinux: blog
Changed the colours of the site a bit, now it has a more pastels look & feel. The previous set of colours was too dark and morbid. I really should stop wasting time on the these little things, last time, honest :)
Changed the look & feel of the webpages. Will not be doing too much of that in the future, there is beauty in simplicity and they even seem to render rather nicely in lynx. Also started this blog page, it will basically be a limited fifo buffer / changelog file containing the most recent information relevant to this project.

Recently Linus Torvalds and Andrew Morton decided that there will not be a 2.7 kernel tree soon. So for all practical purposes I will have to find a why to distinguish between stable and unstable releases. For the time being, 2.4.x (and older 2.6.x) kernels will be regarded as stable, while newer 2.6.x will be tagged as unstable. I guess we'll just have to use a sliding window and test them.