cordinux: installation instructions

  1. Grab yourself a copy of the cordinux floppy image at its download page.
  2. Ensure the download was good.
    bash$ md5sum -b cordinux.img.bz2
    fcaf33f178281719601a4a2451936fab *cordinux.img.bz2
    bash$ sha1sum cordinux.img.bz2 
    5dcc601a9601757aded7c5bc0e9c7c8fbd8b3b5d  cordinux.img.bz2
  3. Extract the image.
    bash$ bunzip2 cordinux.img.bz2
  4. Get a working/clean 1.44Mb stiffy (floppy disk), so is it stiffy or floppy ?
  5. Embrace your dark side, become root.
    bash$ su -
  6. Format the stiffy to be sure it is in good working order.
    bash# fdformat /dev/fd0
  7. Put the image on the floppy.
    bash# dd if=cordinux.img of=/dev/fd0
  8. Kiss your uptime goodbye and reboot.
  9. Doublecheck your CMOS settings, the stiffy-drive must be the first boot device.
  10. Log in as root, simply realize the truth, then you'll see there is no password...
  11. Have fun, see getting started for more details.