cordinux: links
Here you'll find a repository of links generally interesting but more importantly, applicable to the future development of cordinux.
embedded linux
uClinux/ARM2.6, 2.6 Kernel on ARM
SnapGear embedded Linux distro
rtos & extensions
RTAI Realtime Application Interface.
BusyBox the Swiss army knife of embedded linux.
books & documentation
"You are what you read."    -- lcordier
RUTE help, I am a newbie...
Linux From Scratch, a few books to get started with.
The Art of UNIX Programming, a classic by Eric S. Raymond.
SEL, NASA Software Engineering Laboratory docs.
CompuLab makers of some pretty cool hardware.
Airwave Technologies (ZA) where I work, we sell those pretty cool hardware.   :)
Emac another nice brand of embedded boards.
Mini-ITX embedded boards, more for consumer products then industrial applications.
support forums
CompuLab support forum for X86CORE & X86BASE products.
uCdot embedded Linux Developer forum
small distros
Trinux an awesome small distro.
Tinfoil Hat Linux, floppy distro for the paranoid.
Freesco as in free cisco a floppy based linux router.