cordinux: getting started

Ok so now that I have downloaded this little thingy, what can it do ? Well either you have a normal i386 PC or a 586BASE (with CORE) or better board. I'll assume you managed to get the stiffy to boot. Coincidently cordinux forms a nice general purpose bootdisk since it uses grub as its bootloader. See the grub manual to exploit its nice features.

Anyway if you're logged in and you happen to have a eepro100 network card (those found on the 586BASE/CORE) then you could setup networking as follows.

bash# ifconfig -a lo
bash# ifconfig -a eth0
bash# route add default gw
There isn't bash really running on the system, it's ash a smaller BusyBox implementation. I am just using it as a normal default prompt. Change the IP's to fit with your network setup. Now you can start httpd from / to allow remote file read access from the device.
bash# cd /
bash# httpd -p 80
There is not much else. This is still an old build, the new one will be based more on Trinux and then the package system will kick in. You could write little cgi shell scripts, but that is about it. Have fun.